Special thanks to Charles Decaux (Marketing Director & Cofounded VeryChic - Les Bienfaiteurs), Virginie Truffy (Project Manager), Marie Chauvaux (Head of Product and user experience), William Ludlam (Digital Content Manager), Ian Treanor (Senior CRM Specialist - Twitch), Juliette Brouchot (Production Executive), Alexandra Ortiz (Head of Digital Content), Hywel Thomas (E-CRM Manager), Charlotte Troprès (Digital Marketing), Vianney d'Anglejan (Head of Media & Marketing Partnerships), Mélanie Lepelley (Head of Customer Experience), Prixa Phrasathane (Head of Data & CRM), Jules Meinvielle (CRM Project Manager), Shanone Bellaiche (Digital Marketing), Helena Janicka (Digital Marketing), Fabien Hussy (Acquisition Manager), Marie Dezellus (Acquisition), Manon Khristy (CRM Project Manager - Salesforce).