Pedro Huertas 
'Create & Aid Creation'

Fin: +358 41 4719362
Skype: p.huertas
CV + Resume: English (29.01.2021)
I am a multidisciplinary freelance graphic designer, Fine Art and Digital Art specialist involved in the entire creative process to 'create and aid creation' (15+ years of experience).
Skills: Illustration ・ Storytelling ・ Infographics・ Data Visualization ・Video Edition ・ Motion Graphics ・ Typography ・ Print/Web/Social Media Ads ・ Banners ・ Logo ・ Branding ・  Identity ・ Brochures ・ Newsletters ・ UI ・ CSS ・ HTML ・ CMS.
Originally trained in Fine Arts and Digital Arts at the University of Sevilla and Barcelona, I have worked in the field of graphic design for over 15 years. I have operated within big and small private companies, non-governmental organisations and state agencies based in Europe, in emerging countries and countries with international cooperation needs. My objective as a freelance is to do everything I can for the good of the common project and make sure that my participation is efficient and smooth so as to facilitate the later stages of your project. 
I am hard-working and efficient. I work well under pressure and tight deadlines and comply with several levels of validation. I have learned that managing these situations is fundamental to better serve the needs of the client. I like to work in healthy environments with a good workflow, clear briefings and well defined-responsibilities. This keeps misunderstandings and unnecessary stress at bay for everyone involved. My experience with a wide range of companies has familiarised me with different software and Agile Methodologies (like Scrum). Of course, I am also fine with simply using a combination of email exchanges. I will know how to adapt to your needs and meet your expectations and deadline.
My training in Fine Arts and life-long interest for artistic creation provides me with a definite sense of esthetics and a poetic outlook. I can propose a combination of text and image where the image is not just a dress-up for text: shapes, colours, textures and their compositions also tell a story. I will make sure that they spark your audience's interest, that they complete and enhance your words.
Personal motivation and current professional situation
I very much enjoy my work and want to keep developing my creativity and portfolio by working for solid and meaningful projects, may they be led by private entities, non-governmental organizations or public bodies. It would be a pleasure to support you with my professional services, as an external consultant, in short, or long term projects. 
Native in Spanish and fluent in French and English.
So how can I help you? ;)
Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 I offer my services with a 20% discount on my fees to the companies that are affected. Let's talk if it's your case. I am always willing to find solutions, solve current needs and look to the future with optimism ;)
Currently, I have my own Finnish company (07/08/2019–Present). I was previously operating a French company (01/10/2016–01/08/2019) and before that a Spanish company (01/02/2012–30/09/2016). These changes simply reflect the places that I have lived in. I have always been an intra-community operator and can invoice to any EU country with no inconvenience to my customers. 

At the moment I am using this app to calculate my hourly rate as a freelancer.

Average Fee: 45.20€/hour (Priority +20%)

My fees are always agreed in advance with the client. 
For long term assignments we can agree on a lower fees and in other cases we can also agree on some kind of monthly/quarterly maintenance cost. 
Let's talk and agree on a price that benefits both ;)​​​​​​​