Exhibition: History of European Elections
The exhibition "Shaping Europe: the story of European elections" and the booklet "Europe goes to the polls: 45 years of European elections" are brought to you by the Archives of the European Parliament.
Author and image researcher
.tienne Deschamps, European Parliament
Sonja Meyrl, European Parliament
Constance Quinlan, European Parliament
Ludovic Del.pine, European Parliament
Research and fact-checking
Petra Gallrapp, European Parliament
Creative content coordinator
Jeanne Leruth, European Parliament
Content sourcing
Mireia Cebolla Nicuesa, European Parliament
Jos. Andres Gonzalez Pedraza, European Parliament
Graphic design
Pedro Angel Rodriguez Huertas
This exhibition and this booklet were made possible with support from the services of the European Parliament, in particular
The Cabinet of the President
The Directorate-General for the Presidency
The Directorate-General for Translation
The Directorate-General for Innovation and Technological Support